Deep Freeze Enterprise 8-36 Crack

Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.36 Crack With Patch

Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.36 Crack With Patch

Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.36 Crack is a handy application which will allow you to manage as well as control large scale computing environment. It is also handy for saving the computer configurations and then restore them all on the next restart. This application is especially useful for the computer which used by more than one person.

It has got a Configuration Administrator console which will let you manage several different workstations simultaneously. You need to create a workstation module and then need to deploy it to the target machine for gaining the control over your computer. Deep Freeze Enterprise 8 will let you schedule the restart and shutdown of your system. You can also send the target PC a command of wake-on-LAN plus you can send messages through Deep Freeze Enterprise console. All in all Deep Freeze Enterprise 8 is an awesome application for safeguarding the stored system configuration.

What’s New in Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.36:

New Enhancements

  • Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • Improved Console performance.
  • Enhancements to prevent longer system startup on Advanced Format (AF) 4k sector hard drives (up to 2X faster boot time).
  • Allow fully qualified Proxy Server Name in Deep Freeze console settings.
  • Windows Update Enhancements
    • To address changes in the way Anniversary Update handles automatic Windows updates, Deep Freeze will take extra measures to ensure that the Windows updates will not be triggered outside of the scheduled Windows Update Task on Windows 10 machines. This is achieved by disabling the Windows update service.

Fixes for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

17579 Resolved issues with random BSOD. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced additional drivers into the system that interfered with the ability of our drivers to properly respond to some requests to our StorageSpace or ThawSpaces.

14956 Resolved issues with recovery screen on system startup.

18199 Resolved issues where system shutdowns were prevented.

17893 Resolved issues where Windows updates failed for some cumulative update which may require more space and a larger caching space than the 5GB that Deep Freeze allocated. Version 8.35 will allocate a 10GB cache to address this situation. To increase the size, disable the Cache Window update option in the configuration, restart, and re-enable the option.

Other Fixes

14961 Resolved issues with Incorrect German translations in some of the confirmation dialogs when saving configuration file in Configuration Administrator (Case No: HSU-493-66609)

9868 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze caused performance issues and resulted in slow boot. (Case No: YFD-286-49939, SBD-399-96597, QVG-187-15034, WII-538-57096)

14956 Resolved an issue where the Startup Recovery process starts on Windows 8.1 systems after a restart. (Case No: KSV-531-33912, OTA-665-89816)

16470 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Clients randomly lost their Activation status and showed as Pending Activation. (Case No: KGV-296-44501, MOE-872-61066, JEC-971-36370)

16672 Resolved an issue where the Proxy feature did not work with Fully Qualified Domain Names. (Case No: KNN-741-30377)

17268 Resolved performance issues in Deep Freeze Console. (Case No: ZAR-286-75039, MGP-128-27227, YHP-979-36018, MFT-347-58906)

17503  Resolved an issue with Windows Update that showed Access Violation message when Deep Freeze was installed. (Case No: AQK-988-79352, EYB-819-89372,  GGH-600-27901, QUU-689-69833)

17522 Resolved an issue where a specific type of Flash Drive was not mounting properly when Deep Freeze was installed. (Case No: IRS-476-30866)

17558 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze was not allowing Windows to boot. (Case No: QHJ-805-27395)

17564 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Service was crashing with Accession Violation message when the Activation Server sent a bad activation response. (Case No: LSG-576-93996)

17579 Resolved an issue of BSOD with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. (Case No: ZNB-325-70969, NCW-613-26183, ZOL-717-56507, BJF-591-31684)

17687 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze fails to correctly detect pending Windows Update for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

17867 Resolved an issue where Windows Update Service gets disabled during Windows Update Task on Windows 8.1.

17983 Resolved an issue where it was not possible to apply cumulative Windows Update due to lack of storage space.

15577 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Console’s  Server Service does not switch to reduced frequency of auto-activation if  all workstations report as Failed Activation.

15641 Resolved an issue where Windows Update Service was disabled on installing Deep Freeze thereby preventing maintenance. (Case No: HFT-480-31203, EGM-113-20565, WHF-979-33081, YFC-589-73576)

17479 Resolved an issue where License Key was  shown as invalid until the entire key was entered. (Case No: BBE-155-83729)

17757 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Windows Update Workstation Task does not prevent users to run native Windows Update in Frozen or during Maintenance Period for Windows Update Task.

18199 Resolved an issue where Windows 10 1607 Upgrade enables fast startup on Deep Freeze workstations. (Case no: FPX-324-70121)

Known Issues

18513  Installation of Deep Freeze workstation fails if user login name contains double byte characters. (Case No: OWZ-638-83495)

14865 Random delays in restarts when they are initiated locally from the Deep Freeze workstation interface. (Case No: GYW-854-91721, XPM-282-49498)

15270  Using CTRL+Alt+Del to lock the screen causes a delete prompt appearing in the Deep Freeze Console depending on the context (Case No: JTK-884-47760)

11696 Importing Active Directory entries fail in certain Active Directory setup. (Case No: JFY-161-75996)

12836  An error occurs during an RDP session on rearranging columns or changing views. (Case No: NES-367-79748, XQL-319-44460, YAE-971-22805)

13556 Deep Freeze Console does not display any mapped drives. (Case No: WPB-556-99678)

13842 Issues with installing Deep Freeze on systems with eMMC drives. (Case No: WKO-921-76972, PCL-402-38865, WKO-921-76972, WBU-981-32808, HCK-877-61202, WZO-787-28402)

14039  Deep Freeze causes BSOD on systems with 4TB drives or higher. (Case No: YAF-375-97861)

12344  Deep Freeze Console does not sort IP Address column correctly. (Case No: TRV-310-98644)

12491  Deep Freeze Console columns may show wrong status or the console may show error messages when connected remotely through LogMeIn. Restart console for workaround. (Case No: ZME-498-42392)

12532  Enterprise Console does not retain its window position on the screen after it is closed. (Case No: PNF-778-57438)

11387 BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8 and higher computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces.

11460 Higher version of Deep Freeze Console may not remotely connect to older Server Service. (Case No: ZIG-771-78174)

11483 Wrong error message when attempting installing Seed on a Seeded workstation. (Case No: HZE-688-20303)

System Requirements:– 

windows logo Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]

Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.36 Crack With Patch

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